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Since 2005, Braendler Engineering has provided a range of asset inspections, data analytics services and software solutions for asset management businesses across the world. With 3 offices in Europe and a global client base, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the analytics business. Today we have an unrivalled reputation as a leading provider of these services to the energy market and beyond.

Our software provides the online solution to analyse this information together with other forms of visual analytics data to allow our clients to build a comprehensive profile of the ageing and performance of their assets.

Braendler Engineering manage visual analytics data on over 10% of the world’s wind turbines. Our clients include large OEMs and utilities, and we have more than 10 years’ experience in comprehensive inspections. Our blade inspection software and imaging systems are focused on providing our clients with the ability to develop and manage complete O&M packages for blades including inspection, planning of repairs and tracking of repairs.

Our consultancy services include data analysis of wind and turbine SCADA data to measure power performance, problem solve, and find opportunities for cost savings.

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Asset Management Software

Braendler Engineering develops cloud and mobile based software to manage the data and imagery in for condition monitoring of industrial assets.

Big Data Analytics


The terms “Big Data” and “Internet of Things” have become synonymous with the world we live in. By simple use of your smart phone, the internet and numerous other devices, we can instantly connect, communicate and make decisions within seconds in our daily lives.


The same need is true for business’ that require immediacy of information and deeper understanding of their asset integrity and capabilities and it is these areas that Braendler Engineering excel in.


At this stage a lot of our clients had simply stored the data once it had passed the control centres daily use, what we advised them to do was start to interrogate this historical data on several fronts:



This is looking over the assets lifetime to determine at what point a fail can be detected before critical and expensive repairs and maintenance were needed. The use of historical data sets (even from the point they left the manufacturing plant) have resulted in millions of dollars in savings by simply better understanding of the components. They also can be fed back to the manufacturers R&D stage to identify flaws and improve the longevity of the equipment.


Damage/ Repair Catalogues

Any key asset equipment will suffer repairs and damage at some point in their lifetime of service, at Braendler we have developed detailed repair catalogues showing at which point and what type of damage has occurred. This helps site operations to determine what is a critical and negligible repair of the asset base. For OEM’s this can help with End of Warranty inspections and determine pricing for extended warranty products.

Repair Calculators

Knowing what a repair is, may be one thing, understanding the costs involved by both the physical repair and impacts in lost revenue is a lot more important. At Braendler Engineering we work with our clients to create pre-estimated contracts costs to improve purchasing decisions and enabling the business to make economic repair controls prior to any work commencing on the asset.


QA/QC and Audits

The old adage about poor data generates poorer reporting has never been truer and we at Braendler Engineering pride ourselves on having exacting QA/QC control and management processes in place to ensure that the reporting that comes from the analytics is both clean and highly valuable. This area of the business has grown to include offering audit processes for repairs completed by contractors of the assets to ensure that the inspected repairs have been completed with the right conditioning and processes.


Real Time Access to Data and Reports

The ability to generate a usable report is not exactly rocket science and we do offer this service, but we also realise that the data is normally needed back out in the field of operations where pulling out a report at the top of a tower, in the rain or wind may not be very practical. So we have made all of our reporting both accessible to your technology and where possible in a real time environment, so the data is accurate, accessible and relevant.

Data Management

Braendler Engineering can work with imagery, video, and meta-data of any type, and integrate these into a comprehensive data management system.

Consultancy Services

We can provide advice on wind turbine blade inspection strategies, power performance, due diligence for financial stakeholders, or training workshops.

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