Blade App

Mobile Audit App

Blade App is a mobile audit app, which allows you to select or build custom templates.

You can run an audit on site with options such as:

  • Mobile Interface
  • Buttons
  • Dropdowns
  • Add Image
  • Add Text
  • Get Coordinate

Blade App then allows you to upload data to a cloud data base, create custom reports and share the results online.

Braendler Check-It App

Template Builder

Templates & Reports

Check-It allows for customised reporting.

There are 3 options to build a template:

  • pre-existing templates, e.g. IEC inspection standard
  • Easy web interface to edit or build templates
  • Load up directly from excel sheet

Multiple Output Options:

  • Online viewer easy to share
  • Export to Excel
  • Export to PDF Report
Braendler Check-It App