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Ground Based Blade Inspection Equipment

The Perfect Method

During their service lifetime of 20-25 years, blades operate for around 120,000 hours. Whether managing a single wind farm or a fleet of turbines, owners and asset managers require access to a range of information to efficiently shape blade maintenance budgets to maximise energy generation and asset lifetime.

Images generated from regular visual inspections by your ground teams, together with associated data can contribute to an effective monitoring and repair regime – which ensures that the asset operates efficiently, safely and does not degrade prematurely.

The Aether inspection system is used to capture images of each surface of the blade. These images are then processed to create a single image of the blade surface on which the precise location and size of each defect is displayed.

An Aether inspection provides complete blade coverage and accurate location data on each defect. In combination with the Hermes software, this data allows comparison of the blade over time, and the comparison across a blade fleet.


High Resolution

Braendler Quickscan


Ultra High Resolution

Braendler Farsight


Weather Independent

Braendler Falcon

Drone Inspection Support

Innovative Approach

The UAV technology is developing very rapidly thus providing great new opportunities for implementing fast and precise blade inspections with minimum effort of yawing turbine and pitching the blades.

Braendler Engineering is at the cutting edge of developing deep analytics using working with  drone inspection businesses. We have worked with these businesses to develop intensive R&D work to find the best fit of UAV, camera and flight plan which allows on inspection pilots to achieve highly efficient live inspections.


Superstructure and Tower Analysis

No More Need To Climb Up The Tower

Aether’s ground based inspection platform is capable of capturing high definition images of typical inspection points on transmission towers. The detail in these images conducted by your inspection teams, provides the basis for detailed desk top assessment of the condition of the tower from top to bottom.

Transmission Tower

Extensive Concrete Structure Analytics

Fast Analysis from Your Inspections

Large concrete structures such as chimneys, cooling towers and dams require regular monitoring and inspection to detect imperfections, spalling and other damage on the surface of the structure.

Defects require periodic monitoring to allow scheduled maintenance to avoid safety issues and loss of productive time. Unchecked damage can lead to unsafe working conditions with potentially catastrophic effects.

The Aether Inspection service can capture comprehensive high definition images of the entire surface of the asset. The images are then stitched to create a large panorama and “Asset Zoomed” to allow a high level of interrogation.

Cooling Tower