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Analytics Platforms

Data Management Software

Braendler Engineering develop platforms and data processing tools for a wide range of industries, which provides asset managers a way of collating information on components from a variety of inspection sources, and then objectively setting out pre-planned O&M strategies and replacement planning.

Our tools and reporting provides access to visual analytics to be easily reviewed and managed in an online platform

Braendler Hermes Online

Asset App

Planning, Implementing & Managing Repairs

Asset App is a mobile smart application for planning, inspecting, implementing and managing repairs. The Inspection Module allows on-site technicians to capture images of asset condition and data associated with the inspection. The Repair Module allows repairs planned for any analytics platform to be distributed to field technicians and management alike with individual tasks. Additionally technicians can capture repair imagery and data relating to the repair conditions and quality management information. The data collected on-site is uploaded to the Analytics Platform central database to enable end to end tracking of condition throughout the asset life cycle.

Asset App has the following functionalities:

  • Photo capture with device
  • Data entry
  • Repair planner
  • Location map
  • Email function: Can email photo with fields and typed message for special notifications
  • Fast functionality that works without an internet connection
Braendler Asset App

Work Flow Options

Working With Inspection Report Outcomes

Working With Inspection Data and Report Outcomes

Braendler Engineering can customise the workflow of inspection and reporting to match your business.

Possible workflows include:

  • Image sources from: ground scanning; drone; rope-access; mobile device; internal crawler; 3rd party reports
  • Review of the defect data to predetermined categorisations or expert root cause analysis
  • Objective damage reporting or warranty assessment
  • Detailed defect reports, asset summary reports, online reporting, hard-drive, PDF, excel data
  • Access statistical information on defects, in order to undertake detailed defect analysis
  • Repair reports to create work orders to address the issues highlighted in the inspection data
  • Customisable for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning system) such as SAP
  • Integration with Asset App in order to send repair requests to technicians to view on mobile devices
Braendler Work Flow Options

Software Development

Customized, Personalized Software

Braendler Engineering is a developer of desktop software, online software, mobile application software, and software to enable automation of image and data acquisition.

We continuously work to upgrade our Analytics Platforms to incorporate machine learning and state of the art reporting and big data analytics understanding.
Our software has a large range of industry applications, and is designed to integrate with all industry, government and other standard applications.
We are custom developers of software, and can modify our software to accomplish specific needs.

Please contact Braendler Engineering to learn more about what we do and how we can help you improve the understanding of your business operations.

Braendler Software Development