Blade Maintenance Advice

Inspection Campaign Advice

Inspection campaign advice: A blade inspection strategy is created by investigating the site conditions, the turbine type, and commercial strategy.

The type of inspections, frequency, and practical considerations are then recommended in a strategy.

Braendler Inspection Campaign

Data Management Advice

Advice is given on managing the big data requirements, which result from the capture of thousands of inspection images and millions of data points that are captured with it.

Following process mapping and stakeholder engagement, a systems, software and technology strategy is given.

Data Management Advice

End Of Warranty

Independent assessment of blade defects found at end of warranty inspections to assist owners and service providers reach a clear resolution.

Braendler Repair Table Calc

Power Performance Analysis

Wind Turbine Operational Wind Data Analysis

Wind met mast data and turbine SCADA data are collected, filtered, and analysed to detect trends, clusters, in order to understand problems, such as leading edge erosion energy loss and find opportunities for improving operations and energy output.

Braendler Wind Data Analysis

High Resolution Side by Side Power Performance Analysis

Using a control and test turbine, advanced filtering techniques of high resolution data provide much higher fidelity of information compared to standard low resolution analysis.

This is used to detect the effects of modifications such as blade repairs, leading edge protection, and power upgrades, on the power curve. An example of the results of this analysis is used to create models for determining power loss from leading edge erosion on wind turbine blades.

Braendler Power Performance Analysis

Wind and Siting Analysis

Independent wind energy assessments and site suitability analysis is performed using industry standard software WAsP, WAsP Engineering, WindPRO, or WindFarmer.

Braendler Wind and Siting Analysis

Due Diligence Reporting

Risk Analysis

The track record of blades is assessed based on blade type and site conditions. Historical data of blade defects is investigated and reported on based on industry benchmarks.

A risk analysis is performed for consideration for stakeholder financial transactions.

Braendler Risk Analysis

Software For Business Systems

Business Systems Improvement

Process mapping of business systems is performed, and opportunities for cost savings based on the implementation of software are identified.

Advice on the implementation of cloud and mobile based applications is given.

Braendler Software

Training Workshops

Blade Maintenance Workshops

A workshop is delivered for a group of professionals on the topics of blade inspection, data management, end of warranty, business systems improvement or other topics as requested.

Consultancy & Training