Sources Of Data

Visual Data As Well As Reports

Braendler Engineering can process and import into Hermes Online data from various sources into single point with unified interface: ground based inspections, drone inspections, internal inspections, rope acces inspections, phone captures, legacy data, etc.

We understand the importance of historical inspection data and what it can tell about the condition performance of an asset.

Our team have a range of tools to make the conversion of this data into a standardized format easy to do. Once this conversion is complete, the data can be reviewed and analyzed from within the Hermes platform. 

Braendler Sources of Data


Our Team of Professionals Do The Work

After Braendler Engineering receives the data, we implement the following steps:

  • Identify the damages locations and measurements
  • Classify according to the predefined set of rules, the nature and severity
  • Build comprehensive reports
  • Develop action plan based on defect-action rules
Braendler Processing


We Customize Them For Each Client

Braendler Engineering provides a variety of reports tailored for each work process:

  • Comprehensive blade defect reports, wind farm summary reports, full blade visuals;
  • Repair technician, repair priority reports;
  • Repair cost estimates;
  • Option to generate own reports for various purposes.
Braendler Reporting


For Making Strategic Decisions

Braendler Engineering applies a number of methods for inteligent analytics, such as:

  • Automated Image Recognition
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Root Cause Analysis
Braendler Analytics

Become a Partner

Braendler Engineering is happy to invite companies for cooperation. We are specialising in data processing and developing data management software.

We invite you to discuss possibilities to cooperate with us in various fields, such as:

  • Implementing visual inspections using Breandler Engineering equipment; see Asset Inspection page
  • Implementing visual inspections using your own equipment, feeding us the data to process
  • Complement your Wind turbine inspection reports with visual data
  • Any other field you feel you want to discuss with us

Please contact us sending an email to

Braendler Partner