Siemens Wind Power is the dominant force in the rapidly growing offshore wind energy market where it holds a global market share of over 60%.

Driving down the cost of wind power is Siemen’s key target and this drive has seen offshore wind on track to become cost competitive with other generation sources in many markets.

Siemen’s platform strategy for onshore, coastal and offshore wind power plants is fundamental to this approach. Innovations in blade design and generator technology have boosted efficiency, and at the same time, systematic modularization has allowed Siemens to streamline their entire manufacturing and installation process.

Our Role

Unexpected maintenance costs can rapidly raise the cost of wind power. An increasing body of international research and the collective experience in the wind energy sector indicates that defects caused by damage and erosion of blades can accelerate deterioration, reduce performance and result in repair operations being required earlier than anticipated.

Crucial to understanding the cause of blade erosion, and to ensuring that future designs are more resistant to blade erosion, is the collection of a dataset that can be used to understand the causes.

Siemens Wind Power engaged Braendler to provide the software tools and the data consulting expertise to enable the collation of a large amount of inspection data into a format suitable for analysis.

The end result has been the creation of a detailed and comprehensive data base of current and archived images and meta data, which can be expanded over time. This database is being used to provide valuable insight into blade condition into the future.


Blade Erosion Data


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